Velvet Eyes
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D B Cooper

D.B.Cooper dropped out and attempted to turn on and tune in sometime in the last quarter of the last century. Despite spending his best years engaged in the former the latter eluded him like a greased leopard. Due to the way he initially parachuted out of mainstream society he was forced to follow the road less travelled, and along the way got to see the darker side of human nature from the inside looking out whilst wearing sunglasses. During some time spent working as a sponge monkey in The Third Eye Wash and Wax drive-thru somewhere in the Deep South he found himself in conversation with a wild eyed and tame eared customer who spoke of a way out of the Chinese finger puzzle that had been placed on all his psychic digits. He described an alternative to the alternative lifestyle that wasn’t just conventional lifestyle sliding around the block and over the garden wall wearing a caftan instead of a shirt and tie. He raved of a means to see through the doors of perception and out of the cat flap of quantum reality into a space filled with the beauty of nothing. That stranger was P.Coltrane and through him D.B. has climbed the slopes of misconception and taken the joyous log flume ride down into the halls of Velvet Eyes.


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