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The ear is a beautifully constructed and highly sensitive organ which should be cherished and protected like an acoustic vagina. So often they are abused at the hands of some uncensored loud mouth fudge handler. My own hearing was damaged in the 90’s when 75% of the UK’s television output consisted of Michael Barrymore climbing across studio audiences screaming, “Awright? Awright?” Nowadays, the most common cause of severe auditory damage is from accidentally tuning into the Chris Molyes Show on Radio1. His adolescent banter and general offerings of mouth poo can leave your ears as red as a choir boy’s anus. But help is at hand. I have trained my wolves to create an array of audible ear medicines.

Please take one and call me in the morning.



Attack of the Spider Men (EXPLICIT)

We would like to make it clear that the following podcast is entirely scripted and that the actors whose voices you are about to hear have no control or responsibility over any of the programme’s content.

Album Art


Part1 (24-03-11)

Jet Prayers & Charity Muggers
Gay Lovers Terror Alert
MP Batters Cat
Night Stalker
Pensions Banks Money
The Only Way Is Essex
Game Show Pitch
Katie Price

Part2 (15-04-11)

Anna Nicole Smith
Royal Wedding
Jesus Ad
Fecal Transplants
Tom Jones
Professional Mourners
William and Kate I Pay Your Wages


Part3 (05-05-11)

The Second Rule of Fight Club - Don't Get Married
The Flesh Prince on Bell-End
Hero Dog Barks All Night
Osama Bin Laden - On Stranger Tides
Karen Matthews - That's why mums go to prison
Cary Grant – Space Cock


Part4 (19-05-11)

Sexy Serial Killers
Technology in the Wrong Hands
Sorry We’re All Out Of Shame
Print the Perfect Body
Gazza’s Chicken Deliveries


Part5 (14-08-11)

Teleportation is a Mugs Game
Getting it on with the Space Fonz
Keeping Mum
People are Strange
Bad Ideas
Secretly Pissed



McDonald's 'Fruitizz'
Man vs Love Machine - The Sperm Collector
Dude Where's My Cock
Taking Your Life in Your Hands
Lamb Born With Human Face
Handling Stress
Exorcism in Victoria


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